Research Writing, Free course to improve my reviews

If you follow along my other blog Hyper Child Chill Mom then you know that I am a stay at home mom. We made this decision when we had our second child, Nicole, and it was the right move for our family. With Nicole having ADHD and anxiety it has saved us from numerous missed days of work and just being home with my children has been the best.

I decided to start my first blog on a whim, to help others with their ADHD and anxiety, and I hope I have done that with that blog.

This blog I started for myself. I wanted somewhere to post my book reviews and some of my photography and to see how I have improved. To learn and hopefully to provide my readers with some photos of a Province they may never see. To learn new skills as  I go.

I also write on the side. I have not published anything, mainly because I haven’t finished my large novel I am working on. Being busy with my photography, my reading and reviewing keeps me from writing as much as I want. Also in summer we are outside more. But I find my writing needs improving, so I am going to try to do some free, online writing courses. Just to improve my writing. If I enjoy it, I may decide to get my degree in English. This is the link if you would like to check it out:

Research Writing

One of the first things they want us to do is start a blog to help with our writing and see our progress. Since I already have a blog I figured I would just put it on here. It is a fantastic way to see if I am progressing.

So follow along as I try a new chapter in my writing. maybe you will want to join me.

Chill Mom



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