Book Review: Money Rock by Pam Kelley

I have become highly interested in books and stories written by journalists and Money Rock did not fail to impress. Journalist have a way of writing that gets the story across with accurate descriptions that leave me feeling like I am right there. Pam Kelley did an excellent job of putting me in the middle of this story. Coming from an upper class predominately white neighborhood in Nova Scotia, Canada, it is hard to understand the life of African Americans and what they go through daily, just to survive. I really got the feeling that I was sitting on the neighbors steps when the first shooting took place. I love how Pam Kelley gave the information from lots of different perspectives in relation to Money rock and not just his story.
The only thing I did not like was jumping back and forth from past to present. I didn’t feel like the story moved smoothly from one part to the next, I would have liked to have the background information first then moved into the story of his life.
I loved all the extra details provided, extra facts about cocaine and how it was in Coca cola, which I knew but not a lot of people do not, and that it was used in the treatment of hay fever, which I didn’t know. That cocaine was a widely acceptable drug for a long period of time is remarkable to me.
This is why I enjoy biographies and books written by journalists. You find out information you never would have found out.

*I would like to thank NetGalley and Pam Kelley for giving me a digital copy in exchange for an honest review.


Tuesday Photo Challenge: Play

Another great Photo challenge From Dutch goes the Photo.

Play is all that we seem to do in the summer. Mostly at the lake:

Jumping into the lake!

This is our favorite place to be all summer. A great place to take photos of wildlife and the golden hour is perfect here. It is were I took grad photos of my oldest. An excellent spot to cool off in this humid heat we are having! Watch out for the fish though! We have seen them swimming right past us as we dive, looking for exciting treasures!

Chill Mom

Book Review: The Killed Conscience by Jordan Antonacci

I seen a book review and an author interview for this book and had to read it! I’m so glad that Laura  over at LFBooks let me know that the author was looking for reviewers. I enjoyed this book from the moment I picked it up and stayed up until 2 am just to get through it.

The characters were well developed and there was enough suspense and mystery to keep you guessing. The romance wasn’t over the top and I was delighted with how it all turned out, even if I was surprised towards the very end.

The story follows a young investigative journalist, Emille,  that has been enlisted by an investigator from her home town to help make sure a serial killer doesn’t get his appeal. She has a blog about serial killers and the detective likes how she writes about them. At least that is what he tells her to convince her to come home. She ends up going home and taking her boyfriend and staying with her old friends that she hasn’t seen in 15 years. When they go up to Sebastian’s cabin and end up getting stuck in the mountains at Christmas is where the story takes its first turn and the author proves to be a master story weaver. With old flames being brought together there will be tension, and it makes the story all the more captivating. With plot twists and cruel twists of fate the characters are on a roller coaster. Being drawn into a serial killers domain and then on the run for her own life Emille makes decisions that affect the whole group of them just to get her story of a life time.

The Killed Conscience is a great read. Quick and with enough detail that it keeps you wanting more. I would have liked more detail but I LOVE a long novel. Can’t wait to sink into another of Jordan Antonacci’s stories!!!

*I would like to thank the author for providing me with a digital copy in exchange for an honest review! 



First time out for Night Photography

I am NOT a night photographer. Usually they turn out blurry, or black, or with some lights in the distance. I never understood how photographers keep coming up with these FANTASTIC night photos.

Until Canada day. We went to the fireworks and I tried night photography with my new #canonrebel T6i.

Chill Mom Photo
Night shot with Canon rebel t6i
Canada Day Fireworks
Getting the shot

Now I’m not saying that these are the most spectacular shots. They definitely need much improvement. But compared to night shots that I use to do, I’m impressed.

Before the fireworks
Halifax Skyline

We didn’t have the best spot for a fantastic Halifax skyline, but it is a cool shot. My next attempt will be long exposure. I didn’t want to play with the controls too much in the dark.

Having so much fun playing with my new camera.

What are you trying right now? Is there something that you are experimenting with? I would love to hear about it.


Book Review: Ronan’s Dinosaur by Nadishka Aloysius

Ronan dino cover

I was contacted by the author to do this book review and was thrilled to do it.

The concept of anxiety and facing fears is excellently portrayed. Young Ronan has moved to a new place because his parents have to look after his grandmother. In this new and strange home is a fantastic garden waiting for a child to explore the area. His first fear he must overcome is facing the unknown in the overgrown garden. Once he becomes comfortable in his new play area, with a little help from his mom, a strange creature makes itself known to Ronan and many adventures await.

Through many different  obstacles Ronan learns to defeat his fears. He learns that change is OK and is needed sometimes but if you remember the good times then the bad is much easier to overcome.

This book would be excellent for parents wanting to help a child overcome some anxieties at a young age. The author understand anxiety and that it isn’t just something that you can say “Hey, I’m scared for a silly reason, and I just have to get over it” It takes time and patience and sometimes help from others around you.

It is based in Sri Lanka, and gives it a majestic feel. It would be good for any child going through anxiety and fears and would be something they would want to reread. Small children could relate easily and they would be able to understand the simple language used.

I would like to thank the author for providing me with a digital copy in exchange for an honest review!